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Death penalty

This questionnaire is intended to review what people know about death penalty and what is their opinion about it.

Robotics. Mars Rovers

The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information on topic 'ROBOTICS. MARS ROVERS'. Please give each question your most thoughtful consideration. Where we ask You to explain something in your own words please write in English. This questionnaire is anonymous.

Artificially powered exoskeletons

Artificially powered exoskeletons are robotic suits which give the wearer superhuman strenght and speed. There are no controls - you simply move your hand, and the suit amplifies the power of movement. US DARPA has invested $50 million dollars in this project. Do you think it has a future in the military (or medicine) or is it just a silly dream?

Nuclear energy

A new type of atomic reactor "RAPID-L" is being developed in Japan which is so small, that it could be placed in a basement. The purpose of this questionnaire is to find out what people know about nuclear energy and what prospects does it have in near future.

Web 2.0

This is a questionnaire for my english project :)

Shopping habits

The main purpose of this questionnaire is to find out what influences shopping habits

QL world

There's no doubt that globalisation has been the buzzword of the decade. Journalists, politicians, business executives, academics, and others are using the word to signify that something profound is happening, that the world is changing, that a new world economic, political, and cultural order is emerging. Even though globalisation has many aspects, one of those is a global culture. The rise of global culture is an especially salient feature of contemporary globalisation. Global culture includes the proliferation of media technologies that veritably create Marshall McLuhan's dream of a global village, in which people all over the world watch political spectacles like the Gulf War, major sports events, entertainment programs, and advertisements that relentlessly promote capitalist modernization (Wark 1994). At the same time, more and more people are entering into global computer networks that instantaneously circulate ideas, information, and images throughout the world, overcoming boundaries of space and time (Gates 1995). Global culture involves promoting life-style, consumption, products, and identities. Acting in the present age involves understanding the matrix of global and local forces, of forces of domination and resistance, and of a condition of rapid change. Today’s youth are people of the period which is characterized by unevenly developing multiple levels of changes. The vivid sense of "betweenness," or transition, requires that one grasp the connections with the past as well as the novelties of the present and future. Thus, it is important to capture both the continuities and discontinuities of the post- modern with the modern, in order to make sense of current predicament. Therefore it is indeed very interesting to actually see how young people are being influenced and through what mostly. Which aspects are forming youngsters ideas, ideologies, thoughts… Is open future hopeful or troubling for them? Does past stay to be something far away in relation to the closeness of everything else?

negotiating survey1

I am studying at Vilnius University and writing master work about business culture. An effort is being made to learn more about international negotiating and negotiating techniques. Because of your international negotiating experience, your knowledge can help others to improve their skills. Please answer all the questions as completely and accurately as possible. Be assured that your replies will remain confidential. Thank you for your help. At the end of the questionnare, please press "Gerai". Use the last negotiation you have had.

What is YOUR perception about different kinds of mobile phones?

You need to evaluate 5 different features (such as fashion, quality, price, design and user - friendly environment) of different kinds of telephones. Evaluation scale is from 1 to 5. 1 - Very low; 2 – Low; 3 – Medium; 4 – High; 5 - Very high; Just mark the answer what YOU THINK about each phone. For example if you hear two words: SIEMENS & QUALITY, what is the first idea rushed into your head (very high quality or low quality?), then mark your choice. NOTICE: the PRICE of phones is evaluated according the same scale. 5 means that the price is very high, 1 means the price is very low. FASHION - is it fashionable to have such kind of phone?