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Exploratory research to find out customers reaction about wallpapers which have such a special features like automaticaly changing color to your selected, after 2 years. Easy, safe and comfortable way to change your interior after two years without any dirt renovation! its not magic, its just new technology.

Death penalty

This questionnaire is intended to review what people know about death penalty and what is their opinion about it.

Robotics. Mars Rovers

The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information on topic 'ROBOTICS. MARS ROVERS'. Please give each question your most thoughtful consideration. Where we ask You to explain something in your own words please write in English. This questionnaire is anonymous.

Artificially powered exoskeletons

Artificially powered exoskeletons are robotic suits which give the wearer superhuman strenght and speed. There are no controls - you simply move your hand, and the suit amplifies the power of movement. US DARPA has invested $50 million dollars in this project. Do you think it has a future in the military (or medicine) or is it just a silly dream?

Nuclear energy

A new type of atomic reactor "RAPID-L" is being developed in Japan which is so small, that it could be placed in a basement. The purpose of this questionnaire is to find out what people know about nuclear energy and what prospects does it have in near future.

Web 2.0

This is a questionnaire for my english project :)

Shopping habits

The main purpose of this questionnaire is to find out what influences shopping habits