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Breast size

This poll attemps to examine our understanding of size and perspective.


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Survey on a new weight loss tool

Perhaps you have experienced a moment when you were unable to resist your favorite foods/drink and said: “Oh just one will not hurt me”, but your One turns into Two and two into Finishing it all and maybe going to look for more.   We all have experienced moments like these which, if not managed properly, can stand in the way of achieving our healthy living and weight loss goals.    We have a weight loss tool that can help you to manage your moments while continuing to achieve your weight loss goals. Here is how it works- whenever you receive a moment when you want to cheat on your diet, you should track the moment   PHOTO - http://picoolio.net/image/A8z track the choice you made, whether you gave into the moment or not PHOTO - http://picoolio.net/image/A8v track what food you had. PHOTO - http://picoolio.net/image/A8z   With this tool you can get perspective of your weight loss success. You'll be able to see frequency and total amount of moments you had and how often you decided to cheat on your diet and what are your trigger foods.   PHOTO DASHBOARD  - http://picoolio.net/image/A8Q PHOTO TRIGGER FOODS - http://picoolio.net/image/A8Z     On the dashboard view you can view your moment statistics over a certain period of time, a day, a week , or a month and thereby try to make improvements in the future. You will be able to see how many good choices you made, compared to bad choices and compare these results to your actual weight loss results. For better results you need to aim to reduce the amount of moments. You will also be able to track moments which lasted for a longer period of time and how much time it took you to get back on the diet.   The idea of the system is to make you aware of the (1) amount of moments you have and (2) to help you see how those moments affect your progress; and (3) to help you make better, informed choices when it comes to cheating on your diet and (4) to help you keep eating healthy, even if you occasionally eat something not on your diet