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With the help of IMRT, radiation oncologist shape the high dose radiation in a 3D manner while IGRT technology decreases the radiation dose to normal tissue, thus decreasing radiation side effects and improving outcomes.

Startegic video games

Video games are the best choice to have as a childhood hobby, as there are plenty of benefits one can gain by playing through such video games. Playing Strategic video games helps to improve eye-coordination and concentration power which may enable kids to become more active socially.  Get the list of strategic and role playing video games from the official site of instant-gaming. 

Restore Oil Additive

The chemical compound that increases the lubricant power of the base oil is called Oil Additive. Ceramizer is an example of widely used repairing oil additive. This restore oil additive helps in decreasing fuel consumption up to 15% approximately. In the same manner, it reduces the fuel consumption. 

Best of Fringe 2017

Please indicate your rating for Seattle Fringe Festival's Best of Fringe 2017 Award for ONLY the shows you have attended.1 = Wouldn't Recommend2 = It was fair, just not my cup of tea3 = It was good4 = It was great5 = It was the Best!