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The Impact of Multiculturalism on Entrepreneurship

A lot of international businesses have failed to hit the ground running, mainly due to the multicultural challenges entrepreneurs encounter in the countries where their businesses are internationalized. Differences exist in national cultures, and hence, their impact on management processes cannot be over-emphasized (Brannen, & Doz, 2010).

Fontys Mini Company Survey

Our second year project includes creating and selling a product and therefore we would like to hear your opinion about our three ideas. 1st idea: A  set including 3m charging cable for your smartphone and a 'cable turtle' to furl the cable up if its necessary to shorten it. 'Cable turtle' and eventually the cable are avaiable in different colours. 2nd idea: A hoodie with reference to our university (Fontys). The design is just an example - nothing final. 3rd idea: A push up bottle opener, offered in some fancy colours or maybe 'glow-in-the-dark'