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The view of Lithuania in eyes of foreigners

Hello,We are students of Vilnius University Of Applied Sciences gathering  information about how foreigners see Lithuania. All results will be used for learning purposes. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

"Study in LT" brand influence for foreign students

Hello. My name is Gintarė Mitkutė and I'm last year's Bachelor student at Mykolas Romeris University. I am doing research and I will be grateful if you answer some questions about your studies in Lithuania. It is important to know how many Erasmus or full-time students from foreign countries chose studies in Lithuania by the help of the "Study in LT" brand. After research, we will know whether the "Study in LT" brand is helpfull for Lithuanian high education popularity or not.

Holiday Questionnaire

Hello, I have to create a questionnaire for my studie Hotel and Tourism management. Please spend 5 minutes of your time to fill it in for me. :)Thanks :)