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Psihofizika logotipa

Promotrite logo i za svaki ocjenite koje kvalitete on po vama prenosi za tvrtku koju predstavlja.  

Best title for the company name!

What would be the best title for a software development company? Name must be inspired from BLACK CAT. Cat is known for its intelligence, sharp mind, never to miss its target. And black cat are the best from the cat- species. Example of institution/organization already running with the name is BLACK COMMONDO.  

Suggest a Logo!

Hi, there!!please help us to know what name and logo will best suit our newly launched software development company. Thanks in advance

Choose the NEW #ThankYouMiami logo!

In true #Miami style, #ThankYouMiami is getting a (logo) facelift c/o Verjano Communications & we want YOU to vote for your favorite! Voting will only be open until this Sunday, February 2 so don't miss your chance, Miami!