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No Shave November Finalists 2016!!

It's that time of year again! With #NoShaveNovember ending, these 3 fine gentlemen have set out on the ultimate competition!  Who has the best stache!Poll to judge which mustached bandit has the baddest look around.  By definition 'baddest look around' actually means who looks the creepiest.

Royal Care

Royal care is a home health care center.Where we offer customized services to those who seek a bigger life.We also provide homes at home health care broward county where elders have 24/7 caregivers – They are never left alone! 

California Naturna Health

California Naturna Health provides you with natural products made with fresh ingredients which are essential for our body.

Circa Eyewear Poll

Circa is the new upcoming designers eyewear. Taking inspirations from everywhere, to create the ultimate wearable form of art, Circa focuses on creating unique items that are manufactured only once. We'd love to hear how you feel about some of these pieces, have in mind non of these belong to Circa Eyewear Corporation. 

University Dining-home Questionnaire

Students: Hello, everybody, school canteens is part of life in school, your health status of our school canteens, food pricing and service have any views on the situation, delay few minutes of your time, please fill out the following, thank you for your cooperation.