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Royal Care

Royal care is a home health care center.Where we offer customized services to those who seek a bigger life.We also provide homes at home health care broward county where elders have 24/7 caregivers – They are never left alone! 

What do you invest more in when you are about to furnish your spaces?

We know, it's tough to deal with budgets, above all in this critical historical period. Do you prefer to invest more in lighting, furniture or decorations? Give us your ranking voting 1 (Gold medal), 2 (Silver medal), 3 (Bronze medal)!  Ready, steady, GO! Have a nice weekend from VG staff! Website ► www.vgnewtrend.it Twitter ► www.twitter.com/VGnewtrend Instagram ► www.instagram.com/vgnewtrend LinkedIn ► www.linkedin.com/company/vgnewtrend    

Photo sharing: Pinterest? Instagram? 500px? Flickr?

It's summertime...it's time for holidays...it's time to share loads of pictures! Which is your best Social platform for sharing your best shots? ► Pinterest?► Instagram?► 500px?► Flickr?Tell us and...have fabulous vacations! Ciao from VG staff!

VG FLOOR & TABLE LAMPS: which is your favourite one?

Talking about VG FLOOR & TABLE LAMPS, which is the closest to your tastes? Have your say and give a vote from 0 (sorry, not my style!) to 5 (love it!). Your feedback is always welcome and will be appreciated! Enjoy the poll!(You can find VG FLOOR & TABLE LAMPS from pag. 19 of VG LIGHTING COLLECTION 2014. Click here to watch it!)