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Survey about web page (www.siauliurajonas.lt) quality of Siauliai district tourism and business information centre

Dear Respondent,   This survey is under taken by Siauliai National College, Tourism and Hotels, third year student – Viktorija Jarkova. The aim of this research is to gain more insight about internet web page of Siauliai district tourism and business information centre. When filling this survey, please tick the answer(s) which apply to you the most. This survey is annonimous and data from this survey will be used for my dissertation purposes only.   Thank you for your help.

Companies' information on the Internet and it's accessibility

Many people every day are faced with the problem of lack of information about the companies. People before becoming customers of those specific companies usually tend to search for additional information on the Internet. Though, companies do the same thing while checking the competitors or future partners.