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The importance of external business environment examination before starting international e-retailing business

Dear Respondents, My name is Ieva Strekaite and I am a postgraduate student of International Management at the University of Sunderland. I am currently writing my dissertation about the external business environment's impact on business and the importance of its evaluation before starting an international e-retailing business. I would kindly ask you to answer this survey questions from the viewpoint of business. This questionnaire guarantees absolute confidentiality and will be used for academic purposes only. Thank you for your time :)

Did you change your perception of Lithuania after visiting it?

Dear Tourists! We kindly ask you to participate in this survey in order to define whether your final impressions of Lithuania match the perception of the country you had before settling on a trip. The survey contains 12 questions. In some questions you may choose several answers, in some you will need to write a couple of words and in one question please write five letters. It is required to answer all the questions. If you are currently not in Lithuania, you are also kindly asked to take part in this survey! Your opinion is very important for us! Answering the questions of the survey will take only 5-10 minutes. Thank you!

Companies' information on the Internet and it's accessibility

Many people every day are faced with the problem of lack of information about the companies. People before becoming customers of those specific companies usually tend to search for additional information on the Internet. Though, companies do the same thing while checking the competitors or future partners.