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Photo sharing: Pinterest? Instagram? 500px? Flickr?

It's summertime...it's time for holidays...it's time to share loads of pictures! Which is your best Social platform for sharing your best shots? ► Pinterest?► Instagram?► 500px?► Flickr?Tell us and...have fabulous vacations! Ciao from VG staff!

VG FLOOR & TABLE LAMPS: which is your favourite one?

Talking about VG FLOOR & TABLE LAMPS, which is the closest to your tastes? Have your say and give a vote from 0 (sorry, not my style!) to 5 (love it!). Your feedback is always welcome and will be appreciated! Enjoy the poll!(You can find VG FLOOR & TABLE LAMPS from pag. 19 of VG LIGHTING COLLECTION 2014. Click here to watch it!)