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Kurtis Conner's Activity on Social Media Platforms

Hello, my name is Milena and I am a 2nd year Bachelor student in Kaunas University of Technology and I encourage you to take part in this survey, which aims to determine how people feel about the content stand-up comedian, YouTuber and overall internet personality Kurtis Conner. This will not only aid in verifying whether people tend to follow him outside of YouTube or not, but also people's preferences in regards to the content he produces.I guarantee anonimity and confidentiality for participants of this survey. You have freedom to participate as well as opt out whenever you like. If you want to terminate your answers, please contact me at [email protected] you in advance!

SweatShops in Europe

I am a second-year student of Bachelor of New Media Language from the Kaunas University of Technology, and I am pursuing the research project about SweatShops in Europe. The purpose of the questionnaire is to analyze if people are introduced to this global problem in Europe. I will be grateful if you spend some of your valuable time and favour me by answering some questions from your perspective on the subject of the research study. This questionnaire's answers are private, so feel free to express your valuable opinion. My e-mail: [email protected] you for your time!