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Rinkos tyrimas akademiniams tikslams: Ką žinote apie vyną iš Toskanos (Italija) regiono?

Sienos universitetas, esantis Italijoje, Toskanos regione, aktyviai tiria vyno vartojimo ypatumus Lietuvoje.     Ši apklausa bus naudojama magistriniame darbe, kurio tikslas yra ištirti, kaip lietuviai vertina ir kokios jų žinios apie vyną iš Toskanos regiono.     Tyrimas skiria ypatingą dėmesį dviem pagrindinėm toskanietiško vyno rūšims: „Brunello di Montalcino“ ir „Chianti Classico“.       Labai dėkoju už Jūsų skirtą laiką.

Should the critics consider a wine over several days or just open the bottle, taste and make their conclusion?

We know that many of our customers use third party reviews by wine critics to help make a decision on whether or not to make a purchase. We were suprised last month to read the opinion of the editor of a wine industry magazine editor who said that the process of considering a wine over hours or several days to see how it develops is a "cop out". Anthony Madigan, editor of Wine Business Magazine, went on to say: "Because, really, who apart from a few geeks in the wine industry would be interested in seeing how a wine evolves after it's been opened for a few days? Most punters just want to drink the bottle in one hit." We'd love to know what you think.