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Students questionnaire/ Opiskelijakysely/ Küsitlus

Dear responder,the purpose of this questionnaire is to get information for the e-course Basic Engineering Graphics learning materials improvement.The feedback is anonymous and filling in the questionnaire will take 10 minutes.We would highly appreciate your suggestions and comments in the comment field, especially in the case of a low rating ("Do not agree at all") for any of the aspects. Thank you! Hyvä vastaaja,Tämän kyselyn tarkoituksena on saada palautetta e-opetusmateriaalin Basic Engineering Graphics kehittämiseksi.Palaute tapahtuu nimettönänä ja kyselyyn vastaaminen vie noin 10 minuuttia.Arvostamme ehdotuksiasi ja kommenttejasi erityisesti, jos jos vastaat, että olet eri mieltä joistain esitetyistä kysysmyksistä.Kiitos! Hea vastaja,küsitluse eesmärk on vajaliku info saamine e-kursuse Basic Engineering Graphics parendamiseks.Küsitlus on anonüümne ja küsimustele vastamine võtaks umbes 10 minutit.Me ootame sinu kommentaare eriti juhul kui sinu hinnang oli eriti madal (Üldse ei ole nõus)Aitäh!

Virtual technology for use in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) - questionnaire for educators

Dear educator,the expected effect of the use of interactive technologies in educational institutions is, first of all, the active involvement of students in the learning process, planning by students of their own learning process and, as a result, better assimilation of educational material. Can you confirm these claims or not? Has your own needs analysis led to similar conclusions? Or do you have a completely different view of these things?Please share your opinion and experience of using interactive technologies in education.