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What should happen with submissions suspect of plagiarism?

Hey guys, following Duncan's posts here:

He has asked if the class reps could gather the students opinions on what should happen to people caught with coursework which looks to be copied from another student. The easiest way to gather everyone's opinions on this was in my opinion to run a poll, asking you the questions duncan asked and to get your response, the poll is completely annonymous and is designed to gather your feelings on what should happen, without any retribution to your opinion.

Please feel free to quickly complete the poll, it won't take long at all, and I'll probably close the poll at the start of the week. Please be sensible with your answers, who knows what effect they may have.

In the interest of keeping the polls corrupt from suggestion the results have been made private, and will be viewable only to the reps.


Thanks for your time guys,

Arran and Caitlin


This poll results are private
What should the penalty for students that have, largely, produced submissions that were misguided/misjudged in terms of the degree of collective effort from students that might not have appreciated what constitutes unacceptable levels of collusion?Required to answer