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Recent public polls

what do i print and how many

hi, i need help from you, the theoretical customers. basically you will be choosing what sizes of each print you think would be nice, try to choose based on what you would find appealing to buy. then, choose what amount for each one you think i might need. you can also tell me if you don't think a particular print would work well. also the crops shown would be varied for each size and a lot of the files are lower quality so they would upload on this website better. thank you!!!

ok which nhl player do u secretly want to eat ur ass??

in the good way. like "eat my ass tyler seguin" bc he's an asshole but he's hot do u understand. or like. "eat my ass logan couture" because hes gross but ur into it. u feel me?   don't fuck around here i want to know the nasty dudes u all r seceretly lusting for like that you're really ashamed of

2KEPTop10 - Musicians

"You Vote. We List Them" is 2KEPTop10, you decide who is the No.1 Actor, Singer, Dancer, Rapper, etc. | 2KEPTop10 THURSDAYS at 8/7CT only on The KTVN

Which hockey player is hotter?

Based on your personal preference and solely on appearance, who's the hotter hockey player - the player on the left or the player on the right? (Sean Monahan is an error; it's actually Tom Wilson!)

testpoll (do not answer)

this is just a test poll to see the capabilities of this site and see if it's suitabe for my project. hopey you don't mind!

Who is the all-time-greatest SOCCER player from Argentina ?

Who is the all-time-greatest SOCCER player from Argentina ? Alfredo Di Stéfano and Lionel Messi did not win World Cup. Mario Kempes and Diego Mardona won Worl Cup. Though Mario Kempes won WorldCup , people think Alfredo Di Stéfano and Lionel Messi are greater than Mario Kempes. Club performance of Alfredo Di Stéfano and Lionel Messi are far better than that of Maradona. So WorldCup winning is not the criteria ?  

2KEPTop10 - Musicians

"You Vote. We List Them" is 2KEPTop10, you decide who is the No.1 Actor, Singer, Dancer, Rapper, etc. | 2KEPTop10 THURSDAYS at 8/7CT only on The KTVN

Apply Here -Hot-Sales Jobs -

Thanks in advance for inquiring about the jobs posted at our website. Please answer these brief questions so that I can better assist you.   

Best color for Kitchen wall?

Recently we have shifted to our new place and we are renovating this old house.  I have Bristol Chocolate cabinets and l am confused between these colors please help me to chooose the best one.  

QualiTi Jewellery New Gem Colour

We know how excited you all are about getting your hands on some QualiTi jewellery in some shiny new colours...so we're putting the decision entirely in your hands. We have three beautiful colours to choose from – rose pink opal, light amethyst swarovski crystal and peacock blue – and only one can become part of the QualiTi range...so, if you desperately want to see QualiTi jewellery in one of these colours, get voting!

Tau decay cartoon

t has been brought to our attention that the TauWG is in dire need of some fresh graphical artistry. Specifically, we want a tau decay diagram that accurately depicts the concepts of the Run 1 tau reconstruction. Such a diagram would be helpful for public ATLAS talks or could even be considered for public documentation, eg. notes, papers (there is currently discussion on including such a diagram in the Run 1 Tau Performance Paper). Hmmm, does that sound too serious! Well, look at the competing diagrams: https://its.cern.ch/jira/browse/ATLTAU-250