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Featured polls

Best title for the company name!

What would be the best title for a software development company? Name must be inspired from BLACK CAT. Cat is known for its intelligence, sharp mind, never to miss its target. And black cat are the best from the cat- species. Example of institution/organization already running with the name is BLACK COMMONDO.  

Teen's Idea

Το The Teens Idea ξεκίνησε ψηφοφορία για να εξετάσει αν θέλεις έναν πολυχώρο ψυχαγωγίας στη Θεσσαλονίκη.

Recent public polls


We are doing a project that we have to create a new business. We are doing a Cafe & Bar which is located in Luzern. 

Vilken inriktning på logga?

Jag slåss med två alternativ, vill gärna förmedla lekfullhet, nyskapande men utan att det blir larvigt. Måste även förmedla seriositet och top notch-känsla. Teckensnittet på splash-loggan går att ändra naturligtvis och en idé vi hade med kruk-loggan är att få in en liten splash eller annat element för att liva upp den lite. Snälla hjälp mig med din åsikt =)

Student bar - Peppito McJohnson's

We are doing project for business start-up class where we were asked to create our own business. We decided to choose student bar, which would be located in Lucerne.

Nutrition survey

Eating can be defined as the consumption of food and liquid to sustain life and to meet our body‘s basic needs for growth, development and function. Food and eating behaviors are very important part of our everyday life. The main aim of this survey is to find out the details of your nutritional diet in order to provide you exactly your needs.

Russian billiard

Russian style billiard club-bar is comming soon and we would like to get answer about people who wanna play that style billiard and are they interested in ''Russian billiard'' Thank you for your answer!

ChemDry Sydney Survey

I on behalf of ChemDry Central would like to conduct this survey to determine the need carpet cleaning and its improtance in households today. For more details, please see more about Chemdry central sydney water damage restoration sydney and stay safe. Your response will be kept private.

Plumbing Survey

I am looking for a water heater installer in Camden County Nj. My friend suggested me plumber camden county nj team, so is it the best? Or should I go with another. Friends please help me out. Thanks in advance.    

Present Scenario of Wrist Watch Industry: In Terms of Usage Pattern

Respected Respondent, This survey is being conducted as a part of a market research which is a requirement for an academic course. In this research we will try to find out the wrist watch consumption pattern of the consumers (you), your liking and disliking about the watch, your preference about the watch. We would be grateful if you could spare 5 to 10 minutes of your valuable time to answer the following questions.   Thank you for your time, patience, and cooperation. Regards, Anima, Novo, Naveed, Masum, Mizan, Rakib, Student of WMBA, IBA-JU

Vote for Who you think is the better Exchange News presenter?

Vote for who you think is the better presenter out of Big J and Ezy A!! If Ezy A gets the most votes he will eat a tabasco sandwich for lunch for a week including a special exchange version on Sunday If Big J gets the most votes Ezy A will get his beloved hair dyed BLUE live on sunday and keep it that colour for the entire week! Get voting! Voting Closes Sunday after church!



Font for New Vrajabhumi Logo

Click on Like below the fonts you prefer. Note: The fonts' name are presented as they are. Some are weird.

Party favors for parents who attend another child's party...

I am thinking of becoming a party planner that focuses on children's events. My question is to all parents: If you received a party favor at the end of a child's party that was separate (and visually not interesting to a child) from the party favor that your child received, would you find it appropriate to receive a mini bottle of alcohol within that favor? I'm envisioning a black velvet bag tied simply at the top with the following inside of it: some individually wrapped chocolate pieces, a mini airplane sized bottle of alcohol, and a business card. A simple yes (you feel it would be a nice gesture to receive alcohol) or no (you think it would be inappropriate) would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Diet pills

Market is flooded with different and many kinds of diet pills .. Make sure their active ingredients,advantages,disadvantages, side effects and how to take 'em?

Which pic for the theme "Fruits" is the best?

I need your help in this competition, so vote for your favorite photo with the theme "Fruits". Which girl did it best? (Please don't judge the photo manipulation, just the pic itself) Thanx!

New logo 2014

We need your vote! In celebration of our 10th year in business, we are re-designing our logo. Please pick your favorite and you will be entered into a prize!