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Minecraft Server/Website Name

Ok so im going to be buying a dedicated server to host a minecraft server but need a name we have 3 to choose from www.ProKikkacraft.comwww.ArcanicSocitey.comwww.ProMasterFECraft.com

Prices for canvas'

The question is not would you buy one, answer the question it asks please and nothing else.

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Lee & Meier

Family lawyers helps in managing legal problems between persons with familial relationships. The issues which are listed under family laws are paternity, guardianship, seperation, juvenile delinquency, emancipation, custody, child support, adoption, and divorce.

Photo Club Free Membership Poll

Vote on each photo! 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. The photo(s) with the most total points wins and the photographers will earn free membership.

Walk in tubs

Those who are going through hydrotheraphy, home depot walk in tub would be best.

JHS 2015-2016 Elective Selection Form

You will have a choice of electives for Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday during 7th  period.  Some are semester long course and will be denoted by an asterisk (*).   Most of the classes are year-long so choose wisely.  Please select a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice, with your most desired elective being your 1st choice.   Make sure you make note of any prerequisites that you need prior to selecting it to make sure you qualify.  You can choose from the following electives: INTRO TO ART - The courses enquires students to build up some skills on drawing basic figures starting from basic line and ending with mixed geometric figures. As one gets a good hold with the basic shapes, the course will start to introduce the idea of perspective, horizon line and vanishing points. Not only will a student then be able to draw basic shape but he or she will be able to think in 3 dimensional way. Later in the course student will be introduced to the idea of shading, value, texture and cast shadows. Finally they will be asked to duplicate Art works to get to perfection in accumulating enough experience in fine detailed art works. Finally an exhibition of students finished work will be held in the school. ACTIVISM - Your Voice - Your Choice! Develop your leadership skills, explore human rights, direct social change, find what sparks you. Become aware, informed and get involved. Change Your School, Your Community, and beyond… positively!  Meet and learn how amazing leaders/organizations have made significant changes in their communities and world. We will be going on field trips to learn from others, partner and get involved. If you currently are in Student Government or ever wanted to be, this class is a great opportunity where you not just talk but LEAD and DO. ADVANCED ART - Students will start at making complicated sketch works in all aspect of life such as landscape, seascape, still life, animal life and portraits.  Later on they will be introduced to colors theory and get started on their first painting using acrylic paints and gradually moving to oil paints. Along the way there will be some classes on cartoon characters and murals. DRAMA - Explore the wacky world of stage through improv and performance! Drama classes combine activities to build stage presence and speech skills with lessons in costuming and set design. Mini performances during the year will build to a second semester production in the spring. Come get in the act! PHOTOGRAPHY - Do you have a fancy camera but don't know how to use it?  Do you want to learn to see the world in a new way? Or do you just want to take your Snapchat game to the next level?  In Photo 1 (first semester) we learn how to make a photograph through compositional technique, and in Photo 2 (second semester) we learn how to utilize our camera's functions to help us grow as artists.  This fun class requires a bit of work outside of school but provides you with the skills you need to call yourself a photographer.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by. (Students planning to stay in the class all year long do need to have a DSLR camera at their disposal and available for every class. A phone does not count as a camera.)  All photography students must have a camera.  REVOLUTIONS - Can ordinary people take extraordinary actions to end oppression and injustice? Can love overcome evil? Can nonviolent resistance be stronger than a weapon? Is nonviolence possible in Palestine? Can nonviolent power really make any sustainable change the world? Discuss, debate, critique, and engage with these questions and more in this year's Peace Research class. Students will learn about the philosophies of nonviolence, strategies of non-violent resistance, and the impact of nonviolence through case studies of successful nonviolent revolutions around the globe. Simultaneously, students will learn about the research process; acquiring skills to find sources, draft, write, edit and effectively construct a research paper. Required for all Academy students. SAT 2 PREP - Learn the content and the skills you need to succeed on the SAT 2 subject tes in : Math 1C, 2C, Biology, and/or Chemistry.   STUDY HALL - Make sure your have all your work you need to get done and have dedicated space and time to accomplish all of it.  This will be a quiet space with a teaher their to help you  YEARBOOK - Capture everything that has taken place this year around JHS!  Then, work with a team to put it in a nice, unique package.  For the first time ever, Yearbook staff will create a digital copy of the yearbook!  With a digital yearbook, you'll be able to easily send your work to all the schools you are thinking of 

AMM game at Aston 12/07/15

Anonymous Player ratings which will be put into an average to be put on website. As well as anonymous MOTM awarding and also gives you the opportunity to say how we could have improved. This is totally anonymous so be as honest as you like!

تتم هذه الاستمارة في إطار إعداد مشروع ختم الدراسات بالمدرسة الوطنية للإدارة وتتعلق بإشكاليات عمل المرأة التونسية وتأثيره الاجتماعي. يرجى ملء الاستبيان الذي سيستعمل لأغراض علمية.

بيانات شخصية :مؤسسة العمل:.......................................................................................................................................


Do you want to empower your maths learning skills? How will you do this? You can hire a good math tutor for this.

Hair Color For Pax Prime - Charity Reward

TELL ME WHAT COLOR!!!!We hit hte 2k mark for the chairty and now you guys get choose my hair color for Pax Prime no matter how rediculous! If you have a different suggestion or color idea come to my channel and let me know! Twitch.tv/king_ding_ah_lingThis will run until the week before Pax Prime!!!

Assert your online presence !!

In this competitive world ,It's necessary to assert business website by applying varied online marketing services like SEO,PPC management,Social media marketing and many other techniques from reputed firms like BBEX marketers which deliver guaranteed results at less expensive rates .

Renovate your home with modern look !!

We all get bored of our old fashioned home arrangements .Therefore,It is necesary to give some unique and modern look by replacing countertop slabs ,Faucets and wall tiles . Omicron granite & Tile has come up with latest and classic products that adds value of a home .Here are some projects which are recently completed by our team members ..


Custom sublimation on gifts is one of the best way to show your feelings to your loved one.

California Naturna Health

California Naturna Health provides you with natural products made with fresh ingredients which are essential for our body.

تحفيز العون العمومي

في إطار بحث أكاديمي عن واقع التحفيز بالوظيفة العمومية نرجوكم التفضل بتعمير هذه المساءلة الغير مشخصة وذلك لأغراض مهنية أساسا مع خالص تحيات الشكر والإمتنان

Questionnaire sur la perception de l'adoption du système LMD

On vous prie de remplir ce questionnaire anonyme qui va nous servir pour but purement scientifique comme élément de référence pour l’élaboration d’un mémoire de fin d'étude qui porte sur l'évaluation du systeme LMD. Merci pour votre collaboration.

Какие образы совпадают с вашими представлениями о востоке Москвы? (What images coincide with your ideas about the east of Moscow?)

Какие образы совпадают с вашими представлениями о востоке Москвы? Ответив на вопросы, не забудьте нажать в конце кнопку SUBMIT. Итоги опроса будут опубликованы в блоге http://krysov.blogspot.ru/, а также на странице в Фэйсбуке "Язык образов и многомерное мышление" What images coincide with your ideas about the east of Moscow? After answering the questions, be sure to press the end button SUBMIT. Results of the survey will be published in a blog http://krysov.blogspot.ru/, as well as on the page in Facebook "The language of images and multidimensional thinking"

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Username change

Take your time to think, I've thought of a new username which I think Is quite good and i might try it out for a while. I won't see who chose what so be honest, don't worry I won't be sad if there's more of No ticked :)

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