4th Annual Presidents Day Geocaching Tour Survey

The purpose of this survey is to determine the interests of geocachers at this event. Please read this carefully. Everyone that takes this survey and attends this event can have an entry to be entered into a drawing for some great prizes offered by Historical Savings. These include gift certificates and gift  cards to local businesses such as I Dream of Yogurt, Golf and Gator,Baja Tavern and the Space Coast Geocaching Store in Merritt Island. Take our survey and you could be one of the lucky winners. Be sure to write your name in the last question,Section C which will be used as your entry. Note: Must be present to win. Drawing will be held approximately at 5:pm Sunday Feb 16th


All rigths reserved. .

The poll results are private
1) Please choose you level of experience with geocaching
2) What is your favorite type of cache? Note you can add options.
3) What kind of device do you use for geocaching? You can add options
4) Please rank your favorite motivations with geocaching 1 being the least and 5 being the most.
It's all about the numbers, getting as many log entiries as possible.
Visiting new locations
Enjoying outdoors and nature
Meeting old and new friends at events
Fun family activity
Learning about a new area, including history
Getting there with bike, hike or kayak.
Geocaching with a purpose ie: cleanups
5) Rate your level of interest with history themed geocaches
6) Where do you reside or normally located?
7) Where are you planning to spend money, or have done, for this geocaching event? You are free to add options
8) What age group are you?
9) If you traveled in a family, how many in family?
12345 or more
number of children under 12
number of children 13-18
10) Please list your gender
A) Please input your email address for verification purposes
B) Is it okay to use your email for updates, a followup survey and contest results?
C) Enter your name and your geocaching handle. This will be used for your entry into our drawing.You're welcome to add any other helpful comments.