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Visitor Perception of Brighton's Management for Enduring Destination
Dear Participant,Thank you for taking the time to participate in the PhD (title "Tourism supply chain management towards destination's endurance") survey. Your answers will help to understand how well your expectations are being met during your visit in Brighton and identify areas for improvement.Confidentiality Statement:Your privacy is of utmost importance. All responses provided in this survey will be kept strictly confidential. Your individual responses will only be viewed and analyzed in aggregate form, and no personally identifiable information will be disclosed without your explicit consent.Purpose of the Survey:The aim of the survey: using the key tourism supply chain stakeholder (Destination Management Organizations, Tour operators and Travel Agents, Accommodation and Transportation sectors) input on strategies to optimize sustainability and resilience at the destination, to investigate the endurance perceptions and behaviors of consumers in Brighton, United Kingdom.Task: to investigate consumer viewpoint and output on sustainability and resilience in Brighton.Survey Instructions:Please read each question carefully and provide honest and thoughtful responses based on your experiences. Your answers will help to make informed decisions to enhance the sustainability and resilience measures within the destination.Completion Time:The survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes (50 short questions) to complete. Your time and participation are greatly appreciated.Contact Information:If you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey, please don't hesitate to contact [email protected] you once again for your participation.Sincerely, PhD student at Klaipeda University, Rima Karsokiene
Yarn Collection
Symfonie’s quality yarns are every crafter's dream, with options ranging from smooth mixes to lustrous wools. Find a wide range of hand-dyed, solid, and variegated colors to fit your vision. Symfonie's curated yarn collection features diverse fibers, textures, and weights, so you can find the ideal yarn for clothing, accessories, home décor, and more. Craft your next masterpiece with Symfonie's high-quality crochet yarn.
Donne une liste de noms pour le groupe et on votera.
A study on whether people judge musicians' work and character separately.
Hello, I am a second-year student in Kaunas University of Technology and I am studying in the New Media Language program.This questionnaire is to conduct research on whether people judge a musicians ethics and worldviews and their music separately, and whether their opinion is influenced by the celebrities' social media presence and interactions online. Also to get personal opinions from respondents involving cancel culture, etc.Feel free to take part in this survey, as your answers will be private and only used for analyzation. Also feel free to withdraw from the survey at any time by contacting me by email [email protected]. If you decide to participate, thank you for your time.
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