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Featured polls

Pieaugušo mācību vajadzību pētījums

Vai esat gatavs mācībām mūža garumā un kādas ir Jūsu mācību vajadzības un iespējas?  Mums ir svarīgs Jūsu viedoklis, tāpēc lūdzam veltīt nedaudz laika, lai atbildētu uz šīs anketas jautājumiem. Aptauja ir anonīma, tās rezultāti tiks izmantoti tikai apkopotā veidā. Aptaujas veicējs - Ventspils Augstskolas Mūžizglītības centrs (e-pasts saziņai [email protected]). 

Marketing in South Korea

 South Korea is well known in today's society for its rapid economical growth. This is due to the country's cultural standing and rapid integration of technology. In addition, this is a consequence of extremely innovative marketing. With a population of around 53 million people in South Korea, companies and organizations have to compete against each other and share the market. High competition leads to higher costs for branding and marketing.With the help of this survey, we want to find out Your opinion on marketing culture in South Korea. Please fill in the survey down below. Thank you!

Barry Acting workshops

We have 10 people too many interested in workshops. I decided to do 2 seprate actors workshops,  but I need to see if it is possible to split the class. 

Siapa PM pilihan Malaysia?

Sila pilih antara semua ikon calon Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Negara kita harus bersuara untuk beri pandangan dan pendapat kita

Sunglasses in bulk

As summer has arrived, there's a need of sunglass everywhere we go and that's why I have decided to buy sunglasses in bulk for reduced rates and different types of sunglasses for every occassion. I wanted your reviews if anybody has bought it.

Carpet stores Sacramento

Winter is on the way, and its the peek time to install carpets to stay warmth at feet. Why not to get some information from the website of carpet installers Sacramento?

Single Steve User Survey

Many do not know where to look for their second half, this site contains reviews of dating portals and a blog that will help you do this!

Overseas Education Loan

There are a lot of details that the students need to gain while getting an overseas education loan.

sewa mobil jogja

Jalan Alpen Jerman menawarkan perjalanan yang tak terlupakan sewa mobil jogja dengan banyak peluang untuk petualangan. Jalur ini berjarak 280 mil melintasi Alpen dari Danau Constance ke Danau Königsee di dekat Salzburg. Jalan ditandai dengan baik dan memungkinkan untuk memulai eksplorasi Anda dari ujung manapun atau di sepanjang rute.Selain pemandangan gunung yang luar biasa, perjalanan ini memberi Anda kesempatan untuk berenang di danau sejernih kristal, mendaki berbagai daerah di Pegunungan Alpen Jerman, dan di musim dingin bermain ski di beberapa lereng yang menakjubkan. Dengan tempat-tempat terkenal seperti Bad Tolz, Kastil Neuschwanstein, http://www.formationleber.ca/userinfo.php?uid=347235 Gunung Zugspitze, dan Reit im Winkl akan sulit untuk memilih memori favorit dari tujuan teratas yang akan Anda kunjungi. 

sewa mobil jogja

Tugu Wisata adalah jasa sewa mobil Jogja dan paket wisata Jogja. Kami mempertemukan antara kualitas kendaraan sewa dan ragam pelayanan yang prima dengan harga yang kompetitif. Tugu Wisata menghadirkan beragam jenis kendaraan yang siap mengantar perjalanan tugas dan liburan keluarga anda. Melengkapi semua kebutuhan pelanggan perorangan maupun perusahaan. Dengan harga yang bersahabat. Tugu Wisata juga menyediakan berbagai paket wisata yang dapat anda nikmati untuk mengisi waktu liburan anda maupun keluarga, dengan harga yang terjangkau dan fasilitas yang lengkap. Tersedia beragam jenis paket wisata seperti paket wisata sehari, 2 hari 1 malam, 3 hari 2 malam, 4 hari 3 malam, 5 hari 4 malam, dan paket honeymoon jogja.

Bed Bug Treatments NJ

Bed bugs can create havoc. It is important to find better and safe ways to kill bed bugs to protect your family from any harm.  If your home is already infested, there are certain ways of bed bug removal that can surely help you solve your problem. Consult bed bug treatments NJ professionals for more information.

Perfect Grilling Tools

If you are a barbecue food lover then you cannot compromise with the barbecue food taste. However, you cannot get the right taste if you do not have the necessary grilling tools.

Food & beverage operations at golf courses

Down To Earth golf is providing cost effective food & beverage operations at golf courses. Participate in the following poll and share your views on food & beverage operations at golf courses.

The Health Exchange Agency

The changes in the lifestyle have made us prone to various diseases. It is good to take medical advice about the health insurance plan like medicare supplement plan g

Parka or bomber

Если у вас небольшой семейный бюджет и вы стремитесь экономить, следует покупать одежду не в сезон. Каждый год на разные вещи проходят акции. Вы можете заказать свитера и кофты для зимы по очень лояльным ценам в летние месяцы. Тоже самое касается и зимних вещей. Сейчас куртки принято приобретать летом, благодаря чему вы сможете хорошо экономить. На parkas.com.ua есть много разделов, где размещены куртки, пальто, головные уборы и другие вещи. Вы можете выбрать там мужские куртки по очень приемлемой стоимости. Если вам интересны курки, которые моментально сохнут, таких курточек безумно много на портале. Вы можете найти зимнюю одежду по лояльным ценам в паутине. Хотя, на сайте интернет-магазина «Паркас» самые интересные цены. Вы можете позвонить по телефону 0(800)211-611 и получить справку по поводу определенных вещей. Если вам хочется одевать стильные парки в морозные зимы, оптимально покупать куртки в интернет-магазине «Паркас». Больше: https://parkas.com.ua/category/airboss/

When to call elder care lawyers?

Elder care lawyers are one type of counselors who help senior citizens for taking financial decisions and to implement the estate plans. At the certain age of 60's-70's many people start to lose their balance. Thus to help them in taking and managing their financial decisions, elder care lawyers help them.

Rouse Hill Smiles Dental Care

Awaken Hill Smiles is a family-accommodating dental practice situated in the core of Rouse Hill in Sydney. We give quality dental consideration to each phase of your life. From insight teeth extractions, to showing your youngster how to keep up their oral wellbeing, or in any event, giving false teeth – you'll discover these administrations and more here. We endeavor to fill in as your across the board Rouse Hill dental specialist, and appreciate framing building long haul connections based on trust with every one of our patients. We additionally highly esteem taking into account the entirety of your family's dental requirements. On account of our cutting edge dental innovation and in-house offices, Dr Teena can play out a wide scope of dental administrations, here in our training. This forestalls the requirement for superfluous references, sparing you and your family both time and cash. Awaken Hill Smiles accepts that everybody ought to have the option to bear the cost of a more beneficial and more certain grin, so we try to furnish our patients with progressing uncommon proposals to set aside you both cash and extra pressure. For more info, visit

Bathtub Refinishing

It is not easy to keep bathtubs looking clean and spotless. Bathtub refinishing is a good way to enhance the look of your bathroom. If you need professionals, you can look for the bathtub refinishing Weston from this website.

Recent public polls

Smartwatch for kids

Hello, I am a 3rd year Vilnius College student. I am writing a bachelor’s thesis about introducing a new product to the US market. Therefore, I would like to find out whether there is a demand for it. This poll is anonymous and will take you just a few minutes. This poll is intended for parents only. I would be extremely grateful if you would fill it out.

Women attitudes on language use in job advertisements - copy

SURVEY FORM WOMEN ONLY.I'm a third-year English Philology student at Vytautas Magnus University. I'm conducting a survey to find out women attitudes on the use of language in job advertisements. Thank you very much for taking the time to complete the survey.


Gerb. Kolege,Šiuo metu įstaigoje atliekama anketinė apklausa apie mūsų įstaigos populiarumą, įvaizdį (plačiojo audito srities „Etosas“ veiklos rodiklio „Mokyklos įvaizdis“ pagalbinis rodiklis „Mokyklos populiarumas ir prestižas“). Apklausos tikslas - išsamiau išsiaiškinti, koks yra mūsų įstaigos populiarumas, prestižas, pastebėti silpnąsias sritis, gauti pasiūlymų, kaip populiarinti lopšelį–darželį ,,Sakalėlis“ (toliau – darželis). Kreipiamės į Jus, prašydami atvirai atsakyti į anketos klausimus. Jūsų nuomonė mums labai svarbi!Anketa yra anoniminė!Dėkojame už pagalbą ir linkime sėkmės!

Attitudes to job adverts and language used in them

I am third year student of English Philology and I am carrying out a survey in order to find out the attitudes to job adverts and language use in them. Please be kind to answer the following questions, it won’t take more than 10 minutes. All your answers will be kept anonymous and used only for academic purpose. Thank you!

Importance of the Selection Criteria of Choosing an Online Store.

I am a Bachelor student at Vilnius University. This research is for the final bachelor paper for studying the criteria of the internet-store selection, which is supposed to study the influence customers intention and attitude towards these stores. This questionnaire will take 10 minutes or less to be completed and your responses are completely anonymous. Your help is really appreciated.

Factors Affecting Consumers’ Purchasing Decision of Sustainable Food Products.

Dear Respondents,Hello, I’m Yeshareg Berhanu a third-year Batchelor student of Business Management at Klaipeda University. Currently, undertaking research entitled Factors Affecting Consumers’ Purchasing Decision of Sustainable Food Products. Sustainable food products are food products that are produced or grown sustainability incorporating the balance of the environmental, social, and economic interest of the planet earth.This survey will be used for academic purposes maintaining the confidentiality of respondents. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes. Thank you for your participation!

Gaming habits

This short survey was created in order to better understand  the gaming habits of people who frequently indulge in the activity. Everyone familiar with and interested in the topic is welcome to take part in this survey, Your anonimity is assured. In advance thank you for your time.

New and innovative tourism products in Lithuania

Hello, We are two students currently writing our master's thesis. We would love to ask you some questions related to travel tendencies and new tourism products and services creation in Lithuania during the Covid-19 pandemic.Thank you very much for your help.Best, Agne and Ruta

Monthly All Staff - Rank Issues

Please rank your top issue by selecting 3, your second issue with 2, and your third issue with 3. Only select more three issues total. 

კორპორაციული სოციალური პასუხისმგებლობა საქართველოში

პატივცემულო რესპონდენტო, მოცემული კითხვარის მიზნია გავარკვიოთ საქართველოს მოსახლეობის დამოკიდებულება კორპორაციულ სოციალურ პასუხისმგებლობასთან დაკავშირებით. გთხოვთ, უპასუხოთ დასმულ შეკითხვებს, რადგან თქვენი პასუხები საშუალებას მოგვცემს შევაფასოთ, თუ რამდენად გავრცელებულია კორპორაციული სოციალური პასუხისმგებლობის იდეა საქართველოში და რამდენად მნიშვნელოვანია იგი თქვენთვის. მიღებული შედეგები გამოყენებული იქნება მხოლოდ აკადემიური მიზნებისათვის. კითხვარი ანონიმურია.მადლობას გიხდით მონაწილეობისთვის!

Įmonių socialinė atsakomybė

Gerb. Respondente,Atliekamas tyrimas išsiaiškinti Jūsų požiūrį į įmonių socialinę atsakomybę. Maloniai prašome atsakyti į pateiktus klausimus, nes Jūsų nuomonė leis įvertinti kiek visuomenėje yra paplitusi įmonių socialinės atsakomybė idėja ir kiek tai yra svarbu Jums. Gauti rezultatai bus panaudoti moklso tikslais. Anketa yra anoniminė.

استطلاع موقع جنوب - انتخابات الكنيست الـ 24

موقع جنوب - كافة الاخبار من النقب، يعتبر اهم وسيلة اعلام في النقب والجنوب عامة، يقوم من خلال هذا الاستطلاع المباشر لاراء المتصفحين العرب في (الداخل) بعمل احصائيات نسبية لاستكشاف مدى الدعم الذي سيناله كل حزب من الاحزاب العربية التي ستخوض الانتخابات القادمة للكنيست في تاريخ  23.03.2021  نرجو منكم، حضرات المتصفحين التصويت بقناعه كامله 

Market research poll for Logo design.

The purpose of this poll is to get feedback for a Logo we're having designed. The idea is to use an animal in the logo design for a health insurance agency. Please choose the type of animal that would beckon you to click a link to learn more. A1A Research, IncRay Osborne