Charging Station Top 10 Favorites - Favorite Male Artist


Cast your votes for your favorite nominee in this category for the first 7 Days and at the end of that 7 Day period the Top 4 nominees with the highest percentage of votes will advance to the Final Round hosted on Twitter. The Final Round is a 24hr Poll where our nominees continue their campaign strategies by generating votes, directing base to digital outlets and gain new followers while engaging with their supporters. After the 24 hour period the artist with the highest percentage will be named winner of that category and will be entered in our Charging Station Top 10 Favorites. After all 6 categories are complete and all votes and percentages are calculated the artist or group with the highest percentage will be named our New #1 Favorites Artist or Group.

TOP 10:

To determine our Top 10 Favorites the artist or group with the second highest (Twitter) percentage will be #2 and the next highest will be #3 and we will continue that format through the Top 10. 

TOP 100:

To determine our Top 100 the artist or group will be graded on a number of different systems and can generate facebook votes by gaining new likes, the artist or group can also increase their twitter percentage by gaining new followers and their fan points will be impacted by tours, concerts, appearances, new releases and digital downloads. The nation and international rating will be determined and effected by charting systems and status.

NOTE: All systems are 7 Day reporting systems


  • Polls open and voting begins on Tuesday at 12:00am CST.
  • Polls close on the following Tuesday at 2:00pm CST.



  • Polls open and voting begins on Tuesday at 2:00pm CST.
  • Polls close on Wednesday at 2:00pm CST.


 CSR Charting Systems: This charting system is monitored by the charging station tracking system and will be updated on Wednesday of every week after all systems have been calculated nationally and locally. 

Facebook Rating: Votes are counted individually and each voter has unlimited votes. All 20 nominees have the opportunity to generate votes at their own paste but be advised, only the top 4 nominees with the most votes will advance to the second and final round. The first round in season 1-2 was held on Poll Maker.


  • First round voting done here and polls are open for 7 Days from Tuesday at 12:00 am to Tuesday 2:00 pm CST for each category. 
  • OPEN SEASON (OSP) During the Top 10 Favorite Season all nominees have the opportunity to campaign to get in that category. When your category open its polls is when you can generate votes, likes, fan points and followers on all your social media platforms.


Twitter Rating: is a 24hr voting system that will be calculated on a percentage bases. Each vote will increase or decrease the percentage of the nominees and the total number of votes increase the value of the category.  The artist or group with the highest percentage of votes at the closing of the Polls will be name winner of the category.   


  • Final Round Voting on Twitter CLICK HERE polls are open for 24 hours from Tuesday at 2:00 pm to Wednesday 2:00 pm CST for each category.


Fan Points: are generated by activities on all social media platforms, digital outlets, follower base, support teams, campaign strategies, single release, EP release, LP release, compilations, features, lyrical videos, full-length videos, concerts, touring, award nominations, award wins and artist engagement.  This is a on going chart system even when the Top 10 Favorites concludes every season. 


  • OFF SEASON (DSP) During the off season period all artist being tracked can fluctuation up and down the chart but those who advanced to the Top 10 are safe and can fluctuate in the Top 10. The #1 Favorite Artist is reserved at the Top Spot for the entirety of the off season and will be featured on the Front Cover of the Next Edition of The Overload Magazine.  All Artist, Groups and Bands who advance to the Top 10 receives 3 Months of Airplay on a BDS Monitored Station and serviced to over 150+ Stations.


National Rating: This charting system is under construction and will be updating more information soon. Get Ready for the Full CSR Charting System from our Top 10 Favorites to the Top 100. Thank you for participating in Season 5 Charging Station Top 10 Favorites. 

International Ranking: Charting systems will update on Wednesday of every week. Reports from billboard and Nielsen BDS charts will be added to determine the CSR Chart and will effective the charting process on a weekly bases.  

The poll results are private
Favorite Male Artist