Fandom University Survey

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Select whichever option best describes your overall Fandom University experience thus far, factoring in however many or few classes you may be taking.Required to answer
lol noMehKindaPretty MuchDefinitelyAll The Awards
Worth The Effort
How many classes are you actively involved in? (Which is to say, not classes you're merely observing, but ones you're actually keeping up with and turning in assignments for.)Required to answer
Do you think you'll enroll with Fandom University later on?Required to answer
What about Fandom University do you want changed? If everything is all right as is, then what should we NEVER change?Required to answer
Are you active in any classes this semester?Required to answer
If you are NOT active in any classes this semester, please explain why.
Select whichever options best describe your overall experiences with different portions of classes.Required to answer
HorridPretty BadMehOkayPretty GoodFantastic
Please feel free to tell us about your expriences in more detail: Single out teachers/classes/assignments/etc and tell us why you like/dislike them.Required to answer
We're thinking of having the Summer semester start June 1st. Would this be convenient for you? If not, please give us an idea of a better time frame.Required to answer
At the moment, which is your favorite class based on the way it's being taught?Required to answer
What assignments would you be comfortable with completing in later semesters?Required to answer
Please elaborate on any previous answers with any details you may want to supply.