Survey of Discovery for the Call Center Industry - Remote. 4

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Please list the most appropriate answers. No Vendors please.
Please list another job category for the above that is more appropriate.
Choose your most typical campaigns: Please rate 0% (1) the least involvement and 100% (5) the highest
Inbound: Customer Service Calls
Inbound: Technical Help Desk
Inbound: Inside Sales
Inbound: Other
Outbound: Surveying
Outbound: Charity
Outbound: Sales or Prospecting
Information Technology
Other not listed here
Does any of your call center activities involve accepting credit card payments?
Please enter your most commonly used KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for your call center in the box below..
Please list the most appropriate answers regarding your use of remote agents.
Do you require your agents to report in physically to an office?
Please choose the most appropriate answers; Remote agents
Our remote agents use
Rate the following issues for a remote agent call center: Please rate the following from (1) the least challenging and (5) the most challenging
Integration of various computer apps.
Hiring and screening the best agents.
Initiating training programs for the remote agents
Supervising the remote agents.
Securing the data that the remote agents use.
Scheduling remote agents to handle peak call times
Call routing
Getting the right mix of metrics
Getting the remote agent to invest in their own equipment.
Latency issues with cloud based apps, VOIP,etc
Downtime due to Cloud App outage
Compliance Issues: TSR, DNC
Compliance Issues: HIPAA
Compliance issues: PCI
Recruiting skilled remote agents
Keeping remote agents engaged in the work process
Dispelling myths about remote and WAH positions
What other issues that you think should be added to the above section?
Regarding your remote agent call center
Any additional comments for the above section? ie: If you reduced or eliminated your remote section, what were the reasons for doing this?
Please list the skill sets most appropriate for your help desk, ie: Citrix Admin,Windows 7
What publications and media do you read or participate in?
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