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The view of Lithuania in eyes of foreigners

Hello,We are students of Vilnius University Of Applied Sciences gathering  information about how foreigners see Lithuania. All results will be used for learning purposes. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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How To Write An Easy Education Essay

An education essay can be one of the most exciting experience a student experiences when he or she first attempts it. It can be trying and would test the skills of expression and presentation. There are many types of essays a student has to write during different phases of student life. It could be expository, descriptive, narrative, persuasive, or argumentative. According to essay writing service, a good essay would always have an introduction, body of three to four paragraphs, and a conclusion with a summary.Expository Essay: In this type of essay, the role of the writer is to inform. The essay tries to explain a situation or happening in a vivid and clear manner. For example, if you were to write an essay on how to become an effective orator, you would be writing an expository essay. Generally, an essay which strives to explain, whether scientific, or cooking, or a “How to” series would be an expository essay.Descriptive Essay: This type of essay brings to life the experience the writer might have faced before. It helps the reader to see the incident, person, or object through the eyes of the writer. Description is more of an artistic expression of a writer for the reader. For example, the description of a market or bus station would be descriptive. Dissertation titles should be appropriate. It should be a giveaway when the reader first encounters it as to what follows would be a descriptive essay.Narrative Essay: Just like the descriptive essay, it attempts to recreate a scene or an incident, but in the order of how it happened in serial order. For example, “My visit to the zoo” or “What I did during my vacation” would come under this category. Fiction comes under this category, which would include novels, short stories, epics, autobiographies, historical events, etc.Persuasive Essay: When you try to make someone think like you, it would be persuasion. Persuasion essays present the platform to put forth your ideas, opinions, and beliefs and supporting with the appropriate arguments with justifications and well-researched support data. In many of the competitive exams, a student is expected to write a persuasive essay. Education guides are available for just this purpose, and are therefore in  great demand.Argumentative Essay: As one of the most challenging form of essay writing, very little separates an argumentative essay from a persuasive essay.  Custom essays would aim for a persuasive attitude as the writer has the liberty not to present the other side of the story or argument. In an argumentative essay, you have to bring in the argument and state why your justification for or against the argument is more appropriate than an opposing viewpoint. How you present your argument would decide if a reader would agree with you or not.It is important to remember that in all these types of essays you can only get better with practice. As you keep on writing the various types of essays, you become better and better eventually attain the skills required to write. As you move ahead you can get essay help from peers, professors, and the various research sources to be able to write education essays of merit.

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Ethics Essay Should Specify the Moral Values Involved

No misinformation can be tolerated while writing an ethics essayContrary to the common belief, writing an ethics essay is not a tough job. However, the difficult side of this assignment is the moral obligation for the student to write only genuine and original ideas, while reviewing a topic on any subject like philosophy or literature. Since essay writing is the skill that can be mastered with time and experience, students need to practice writing out of their own mind, on any relevant issue.Whatever may be the subject matter of the given essay assignment, the ethical and moral part of the writing is always hidden and the experienced evaluators have a keen eye to detect any unethical text in the essay submitted by the students.This paper has listed below some of the guidelines for writing an ethics essay, on any of the subjects. However, students would be benefited, if they also look at other sample essay for understanding the difference of an ethical essay from the unethical one.An Ethical essay on philosophy or literatureThe most important aspect of writing a literature essay or a philosophical essay is the mentioning of facts, as they are. Usually students are tempted to just copy and paste the text that has been published previously, concerning the related topic or ask services to write my essay for money. While, this is unethical, it is also not allowed legally. Any writer who is in the business of serious and informative writing, on any topic, must be fully aware of the issues connected with plagiarism. It is an allegation that is used against any one who tries to steal the written work or the ideas there-in of any other author, while showing them as his/her original work.Although students and other writers can use and refer other works in their essays, the same should be properly referenced in the essay text and such in-text citations should be detailed in the bibliography and citation reference pages. Students can thus mention and paraphrase other’s written works, within their assignments, while following a proper essay outline.Ethical values of a business essayAlthough most of the business essays are related to the legalities of a certain business, very few explain the moral and ethical values involved in conducting that particular business. Hence, an ethics essay on any business topic is always regarded as an important rare piece of document.Such essays can forward a checklist of do’s and don’ts, while conducting a certain business. For example, while it is difficult to prove that a competitor has stolen certain marketing ideas of the fellow businessperson, it is always unethical to do so. Therefore, it becomes essential for the writer to pinpoint the disadvantages of this unethical practice, which will out weigh the short-term advantages, in the end.Students can also have a look at the personal essay to understand the essay organization skills for writing any type of essays.Moral values of a historical essayAs historians carry a lot of responsibility to present the facts in their true colors, their moral and ethical responsibility binds them to give only the facts, in an impartial manner. Any personal opinion on the part of the historian can bias the historical reports. Hence, the writer should always keep in mind these facts while writing an ethics essay.

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Gerbiami tėveliai,Esame Vilniaus kolegijos, Vaikystės pedagogikos bakalauro ištęstinių studijų ketvirto kurso studentės. Šiuo metu rašome pedagoginių studijų baigiamąjį darbą ir atliekame tyrimą apie vaikų (5-6 metų) socialinę-emocinę raišką. Prašome Jūsų atsakyti į tris atvirus klausimus. Jusų atsakymai konfidencialūs, jie bus naudojami tik darbo statistinei duomenų analizei.Dekojame už pagalbą ir skirtą laiką.

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