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Kurtis Conner's Activity on Social Media Platforms

Hello, my name is Milena and I am a 2nd year Bachelor student in Kaunas University of Technology and I encourage you to take part in this survey, which aims to determine how people feel about the content stand-up comedian, YouTuber and overall internet personality Kurtis Conner. This will not only aid in verifying whether people tend to follow him outside of YouTube or not, but also people's preferences in regards to the content he produces.I guarantee anonimity and confidentiality for participants of this survey. You have freedom to participate as well as opt out whenever you like. If you want to terminate your answers, please contact me at [email protected] you in advance!

PVcase External Communication Recognition Survey

Dear respondent,I am Agnė Legeckaitė, an Innovation and Technology Communication student at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. I am currently researching my master's thesis, which aims to investigate the recognizability of the PVcase brand on social media.Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary; you can stop filling out the form anytime. I guarantee your anonymity and confidentiality. All data collected will be used in aggregate, and the survey results will not be made public. It will take no more than 10 minutes to answer the questions.If you have any questions, contact me by e-mail: [email protected] you for your time and willingness to contribute to the preparation of the master's thesis.

Pieaugušo mācību vajadzību pētījums

Vai esat gatavs mācībām mūža garumā un kādas ir Jūsu mācību vajadzības un iespējas?  Mums ir svarīgs Jūsu viedoklis, tāpēc lūdzam veltīt nedaudz laika, lai atbildētu uz šīs anketas jautājumiem. Aptauja ir anonīma, tās rezultāti tiks izmantoti tikai apkopotā veidā. Aptaujas veicējs - Ventspils Augstskolas Mūžizglītības centrs (e-pasts saziņai [email protected]). 

Siapa PM pilihan Malaysia?

Sila pilih antara semua ikon calon Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Negara kita harus bersuara untuk beri pandangan dan pendapat kita

Barry Acting workshops

We have 10 people too many interested in workshops. I decided to do 2 seprate actors workshops,  but I need to see if it is possible to split the class.