Мental health problems: the example of Britney Spears

Recently, Britney temporarily disappeared from the media field, which alarmed fans. The singer explained her absence from the network by the fact that many people criticized her and called her "crazy". What do you think about it?

  1. That is ignorance speaking.
  2. I believe she likely suffers from more serious mental health struggles than ppl realize, and she may not be able to handle the harsh criticism and bullying often found on social media. SM isn't good for anyone's mental health, much less someone fighting to get well in that area.
  3. I listened to Britney's songs, but I didn't see what was going on in her personal life.
  4. Its hard to answer, because i dont follow celebrities and i dont care about them)
  5. it’s her life.
  6. I think that stars of this magnitude should be prepared for the fact that it is impossible to be loved by everyone, and since you go out to the public, you should be prepared for criticism and sometimes even for insults.
  7. Don't care about it
  8. She is sick, God help her.
  9. I think that Britney needs at serious help and support from her parents, because they absolutely didn't ever helped her, it's sad :(
  10. I think it might be true since she had some problems with fans and probably her private life was messed up