Мental health problems: the example of Britney Spears

All data will be used for research.

This study is being conducted to find out about public awareness of mental health. Namely, using the example of Britney Spears to investigate such issues as:

1.     How does society respond to celebrity illnesses?

2.     How is it that celebrities touch on posts and tweets about their mental health issues on public understanding of this condition?

3.     What are the main factors that shape society for the future of celebrity illness? For example, some part of the public will support it, some will put a fake label (this is called stigmatization in the language of science)

Currently, Britney Spears is the subject of much discussion and interest due to her legal status and conservative nature. Britney Spears was placed under conservatorship in 2008 after suffering public psychological and emotional problems. Conservatorship is a legal status in which another person (a conservative) is appointed to manage the financial and personal affairs of a person deemed incapable of making such decisions on his own.

Recently, Britney temporarily disappeared from the media field, which alarmed fans. The singer explained her absence from the network by the fact that many people criticized her and called her "crazy". What do you think about it?
That is ignorance speaking.
I believe she likely suffers from more serious mental health struggles than ppl realize, and she may not be able to handle the harsh criticism and bullying often found on social media. SM isn't good for anyone's mental health, much less someone fighting to get well in that area.
I listened to Britney's songs, but I didn't see what was going on in her personal life.
Its hard to answer, because i dont follow celebrities and i dont care about them)
it’s her life.
I think that stars of this magnitude should be prepared for the fact that it is impossible to be loved by everyone, and since you go out to the public, you should be prepared for criticism and sometimes even for insults.
Don't care about it
She is sick, God help her.
I think that Britney needs at serious help and support from her parents, because they absolutely didn't ever helped her, it's sad :(
I think it might be true since she had some problems with fans and probably her private life was messed up
Popularity has a great influence on a person's life. In order not to pay attention to public opinion, you need to have really great self-respect, value yourself and love yourself
I think, that she is not typical person , so she gave absolutely another life and no one of us will never know about her thoughts and feelings. In my opinion, if it is her posts and writings , it is okay , she is free to post what she want and people who are interested in her personality will read , think and comment. But if posts in her profile are not written by her, IDK , it is just somebody’s piar .
If you translate your life via social media, you should be ready for such kind of comments, feedbacks and etc.
All people have their unique life style and it's normal
I don't think she's alive
She had no support from loved ones. Everyone used her fame, she broke down inside herself. I'm very sorry for her
Я считаю, что она зависима от своих фанатов. Чтобы трезво мыслить и не поддаваться эмоциям, критике, оскорблениям, надо начать с основ науки и философии. Хорошо уметь пользоваться логикой (логика это раздел науки, а точнее раздел математики). Придётся ещё научится критическому мышлению, хотя бы труды Рене Декарта прочитать, благо книжка в 30 страниц. Проще говоря, придётся работать над собой, а это путь долгий и не лёгкий, но зато оно полностью стоит того.
Don't care
I think fans don’t need to worry about that. Because social media is your own life and you can do with that whatever you want
Tbh idk last news about Britney Spears, but i think every person, firstly, should do smth with his problems for himself. If that goes wrong, share that with relatives/friends. If that doesn't help either go to medical center, i mean psychologist ;)
Popularity is not good
I only think of the good.
She's also human. We cannot predict what will happen to us tomorrow. Therefore, I think it's not normal that her own audience calls her "crazy".
I don’t care about it at all. Everyone has their own life. Everyone makes a decision for himself
I don’t think about it.
Sometimes people don't realize how much harm they are doing to people by saying things without thinking it through. This is stupid, because we should be more tolerant and kinder to each other. Support people around the world!
I think she should clear the situation by getting in touch with her auditory.
Our generation too much judgemental
I think it's her personal problems and we shouldn't interfere.