,,Ortho Baltic" promotion mix rating

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I am a 3rd year business management student at Kaunas College. I am conducting a survey in order to figure out the effectiveness of the promotion mix tools used by ,,Ortho baltic". The questionnaire is anonymous and will only be used for learning purposes. Thank you for your time!

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What activities is your company engaged in?
Which ,,Ortho Baltic" product group customer are you?
How many years are you an ,,Ortho Baltic" customer?
How did you find out about ,,Ortho Baltic"?
What are the reasons for choosing ,,Ortho Baltic" products?
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How often do you see ,,Ortho Baltic" advertising?
How does ,,Ortho Baltic" advertising reach you?
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What channels do you prefer to communicate with ,,Ortho Baltic"?
Where do you have the opportunity to personally communicate with the representatives of the ,,Ortho Baltic" company?
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Which sales promotion factor has the greatest impact on the purchase of products?
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Which marketing activities help you get to know ,,Ortho Baltic" products better?
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Benefits to the clients of the marketing mix tools used by the company ,,Ortho Baltic".
Rate the variations from very useful to not useful
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Advertising in the press
Product presentations
Promotional videos
Personal communication
Social networks
Your suggestions for more effective ,,Ortho Baltic" marketing.