'Spider-Man: No Way Home' communication on Twitter


I’m Gabrielė Ulytė, a second-year New Media Language student at the Kaunas University of Technology. I am conducting research on the movie’s communication on social media platforms.  The purpose is to see how the movie’s accounts are communicating with its viewers and how viewers are communicating about the movie on the social media platform ‘Twitter’.  

Collected information will be used only for study purposes, which means that your personal data will be kept confidential.  

If filling out this survey makes you uncomfortable, you have the right to stop.

If you're wondering about the survey's results, you'll be able to see them after you've finished filling out the form.

Your input will be really appreciated. Thank you for your time and answers.  

Here are my contacts if you have any further questions: [email protected] 

Has content on social media influenced your opinion about the movie? How?
No it hasn't.
It didn't because, as an adult, I form my own opinions.
No, not at all
It hasn’t influence my opinion, but it did sort of “ruin” it for me because everyone was predicting what was going to happen and what they predicted did come true, so it took some of the fun out of it
Don’t know
I don’t see anything on the movie
It has influenced me to think that it is a very good movie, worth watching.
No, but spoilers. :(
I didn’t really affect my opinion about the movie. I didn’t really see a lot of ads or posts
I heard a lot of positive reviews
Yes. I’ve seen cool edits on social media (instagram, tiktok)
Usually yes if the society tend to like the narrative I follow it too
Yes, it was really interesting to find out what others think of it.
it didnt
I have seen a lot of memes about it and speculations, whether all spider men will join. Mostly it was pictures from Facebook and ads.
A litle bit. Now ai love even more Toby and Adrew
Not really, maybe only regarding actors' performance
Not really
Unfortunately, I don't follow its content. However, I can give my opinion that it's a great, action-filled movie that caused me to be super emotional.
I heard that it beat everyone's expectations and that it's really really good
I haven't seen much information about the movie, so I don't have an opinion
Not really, I am a big fan and I was waiting for the movie anyway. But it was strange that Marvel didn't do a lot of advertisement for this movie because fans were already doing this work for them