"Viciunai" Group Production

We are Lithuanian students, who are gathering data for Vičiūnai group (later VICI) fish products producing company, for the purpose of launching a new production line.

Your gender?
What is your age?
Do you prefer sea food?
How often do you eat sea food?
Is the package design important for you?
Is the winter holiday season important for you?
What is your religion?
What kind of sea food do you usually have in winter holidays season? (You can mark more than one option)
Are you satisfied with current sea food production/offers?
How much do you spend on sea food in winter holidays season?
How do you consider “VICI” products quality?
What is Your favorite product from “VICI” line? (You can choose multiple options)
Do you think “VICI” variety of products is big enough?
How much time do you spend while making sea food dishes?
Would you purchase already made sea food dishes?