A study on whether people judge musicians' work and character separately.


I am a second-year student in Kaunas University of Technology and I am studying in the New Media Language program.

This questionnaire is to conduct research on whether people judge a musicians ethics and worldviews and their music separately, and whether their opinion is influenced by the celebrities' social media presence and interactions online. Also to get personal opinions from respondents involving cancel culture, etc.

Feel free to take part in this survey, as your answers will be private and only used for analyzation. Also feel free to withdraw from the survey at any time by contacting me by email [email protected]. If you decide to participate, thank you for your time.

A study on whether people judge musicians' work and character separately.
The poll results are private

In what age range are you?

What gender are you (identify as)?

What country are you from?

What is your average daily screentime?

What is your preferred platform to see the latest news involving the people you follow?

If there's a new controversy online, do you tend to follow it or ignore it?

Do you tend to judge celebrities based on their actions or just their work? (for example, if someone found themselves drama due to politically incorrect remarks, would you think less of their career achievements, why/why not?)

When talking about musicians, what are the most important factors to you when deciding whether you like them or not (left being the least important, right being the most important)?

What is your opinion on cancel culture? Should it exist, why/why not? Do you tend to participate in it (expressing your opinions on social media trying to damage someone's career if you don't like them?)

On what scale do you agree with these statements?

Completely disagree
Completely agree
A musician should get less streams on their songs if they are currently in drama.
I judge a persons character and their work as two separate things.
I do not tend to follow musicians who often find themselves in drama.
I am less likely to recommend music to a friend if it's made by a controversial person.
I tend to judge a musician's character less if I like their music.