A Survey on the Research Study of The Effect of Team Identification on Team Performance - copy

Dear participant, thank you for joining this survey conducted by a researcher at Vilnius University.

This study is about to explore the effect of team identification on team performance. More specifically, it aims to discover if team members identifying with each other can achieve better team performance? 

Please select your answer based on your best understanding of each question on a scale varying from 'Strongly disagree, Disagree, Neither agree nor disagree, Agree, and Strongly agree'. 

This survey is anonymous and is randomly send to particiants, its results will help answer the study quest.

The poll results are public

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1. When someone criticizes our team, it feels like a personal insult to everyone in my team.

2. Everyone in my team is very interested in what others think about our team.

3. When everyone in my team talks about our team, we usually say “we” rather than “they.”

4. Our team’s success is everyone’s success.

5. When someone praises our team, it feels like a compliment for everyone in my team.

6. If a story publicly criticized our team, everyone in my team would feel embarrassed.

7. Our team members ‘swim or sink’ together.

8. Our team members seek compatible goals

9. The goals of team members go together

10. When our team members work together, we usually have common goals

11. We receive feedback about our team performance

12. We are collectively held accountable for our team performance

13. We receive regular feedback about our team functioning

14. We are informed about the goals we should attain as a group

15. We regularly receive information about what is expected from our team

16. We have several clear targets we have to attain as a group

17. The collaboration of our team reduces redundancy of work content

18. The collaboration of our team improves team efficiency

19. The collaboration of our team coordinates the efforts of everyone on the team

20. The collaboration of our team streamlines the internal processes

21. My supervisor is an embodiment of the norms of my team

22. My supervisor is a good example of the kind of people who are members of my team

23. My supervisor has very much in common with the members of my team

24. My supervisor represents what is characteristic about the team

25. My supervisor is very similar to the members of my team

26. My supervisor resembles the members of my team

27. My supervisor is willing to make personal sacrifices in the team’s interest

28. My supervisor is willing to stand up for the team members’ interest, even when it is at the expense of his or her own interest

29. My supervisor is willing to risk his or her position, if he or she believes the goals of the team can be reached that way

30. My supervisor is always among the first to sacrifice free time, privileges, or comfort if that is important for the team’s mission

31. My supervisor always helps me in times of trouble, even if it is at a cost to him or her

32. My supervisor has personally taken the blame for a mistake that one of the team members has made