AI influencing Western music

I am a second year student of New Media Language course and I am conducting a survey on AI and its influence on Western music.

AI tools are on a sudden rise (text generators, image manipulators, etc) along with various music generator programs. The accuracy in such tools spooked its' users, and caused major distress even determening the legitimacy of music production on social media.

This survey aims to investigate the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Western music. It seeks to understand the impact of AI on music creation, consumption, and distribution, as well as the attitudes and perceptions of musicians and music enthusiasts towards this emerging technology.

The poll results are public

What is your gender?

What is your age?

What is your level of education?

Have you heard about AI music covers?

Where have you heard about AI generator tools?

Have you used any of AI generator tools?

How does hearing AI generated music makes you feel?

While listening to AI generated covers, do you see them as superior to the original author's songs/music?

What AI cover genre have you heard the most?

Would you prefer to listen to AI generated music in the future (Live, online, etc) ?

What is the weirdest AI cover that you have stumbled upon?