Alcohol usage while being underage in Europe and USA

Hello! I am Reda Bujauskaitė, a student in Kaunas University of Technologies. I am doing a research on topic "Alcohol usage while being underage in Europe and USA". The objective of the survey is to find out about how many tennagers uses alcohol and why. I would like to invite you to do this research if you are older than 11 years old. The survey is anonymous. If you would like to contact me through email, it is: [email protected]

Thank you for participating!

Please give your feedback on this questionnaire
The cover letter is sufficiently informative. It is interesting that in your cover letter you say that the target respondents are teenagers, but in answer options e.g. in question "What is you education level?" you have masters degree, etc. which is not very likely to have been obtained by a teenager. :) The question "How alcohol affects your health?" sounds like you are asking about the respondent, but the answer options are generic, which might skew your data. Other than that, this was a good attempt to create an Internet survey!
Very relevant topic
Perfectly chosen questions.
Amazing topic, interesting questions.
A very important and hot topic nowadays. Good questions.
it's nice to have "other" option. great survey, great questions and also a great topic to investigate.
It is a good survey, you get a lot of options to express your own opinion. The cover letter is clear, although there could be something written that would encourage others to complete the survey. In general, the survey is great :)