Application of Technological Innovations in Accommodation Establishments

Hello, my name is Karolis Galinis. I am a 3rd semester Hospitality Management student. I do a survey of smart hotels and this survey will ask about Hospitality services. The purpose of this survey is to analyze whether it is important to introduce new technologies in hospitality services. This questionnaire aims to clarify the field of consumer consumer expectations in the field of technology.

1. What is your gender?
2. What is your age?
3. How often you travel and stay in accommodation establishments?
4. Who do you travel most often with?
5. What classes of accommodation do you usually stay in?
6. How many days do you spend in accommodation establishments?
7. What is purposes of Your travel?
8. What innovations in accommodation services need for businesses people?
9. What innovations in accommodation services need for leisure people?
10. How would you describe your sensitivity to the price offered by the accommodation establishment?
11. To which group of people would you assign yourself?
12. Have you heard of smart accommodation?
13. What kind of inovative accommodation services could attract consumers?
14. Would you agree to pay more for an accommodation facility where new technologies are being introduced?

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