Are you happy with your health safety?

Dear interviewee

I am the last year's Master's degree student. Currently, I am writing my Master thesis about "Implementation of good practice of Lithuanian Health Insurance system in Azerbaijan." The results of the research will be summarized and presented in the Master's thesis. Your opinion is important, therefore you are kindly invited to participate in the survey!

Thanks for your cooperation.


Fidan Karimli.


Do you currently have health insurance coverage?
If you do not have a health insurance coverage, why are you not insured?
How important do you consider health insurance to be?
How long have you been associated with your current insurance provider?
Please indicate type of your health insurance.
What sources are main for getting knowledge about health insurance?
What is your preferred option to get information on your health insurance?
Which of these is covered in your health insurance plan? (you can choose multiple answers)
Are you attached to insurance respondents?
How easily can you access the network hospitals included in your heath coverage?
With your current coverage, how easy is it to file a claim?
How satisfied are you with your current insurance provider?
What do you know about positive and negative sides of health insurance?
Do you have any recommendations for making health insurance services better ?
Age: Please indicate your age.
Gender: Please indicate your gender.
Education: Please indicate your education level.