Are you happy with your health safety?

Dear interviewee

I am the last year's Master's degree student. Currently, I am writing my Master thesis about "Implementation of good practice of Lithuanian Health Insurance system in Azerbaijan." The results of the research will be summarized and presented in the Master's thesis. Your opinion is important, therefore you are kindly invited to participate in the survey!

Thanks for your cooperation.


Fidan Karimli.


What do you know about positive and negative sides of health insurance?
I had only good experiences.
I am not satisfied with my insurance provider. Working process is too long.
The workers of my health insurnace company are so kind and willing to help.
Sığorta hamı üçün vacibdir
Negative sides for Doctors 😄about salary
I satisfied with my governmental health insurance.
This is important for health
I can go to the doctoer easily without paying any certain fee.
be more flexible and cover not only tooth
Valla bacim kendimize göre ( enough)
I had only good experiences.
Not cover all my needs.
Health insurance is very important , because i am a student, if i haven't health insurance i can't live in Turkey.