ASE 352 FA2017 - History and Theories 3 Post Course Evaluation

Dear Student

Thank you for taking the class. No one is perfect. 

This is a quick poll to improve my teaching.

It wont take 10 min.


Ayman M Ismail

The poll results are private
Please evaluate the following
I think the lectures were very interesting
I think the classes were interactive
I think the class activities were interesting
I like the Happy Face Idea
I could probably say I understood about 90%
I could probably say I understood about 80%
I could probably say I understood less than 70%
I felt bored during the lectures
I felt ignored during the lectures
I like the project idea a lot
I enjoyed the class activities
I learnt more from the class activities that the actual lectures
I think the assignments were difficult
I think the final was difficult
I think the doctor tried hard to make us understand the course
I think the contents of the course were clear
I had to get help from outside to understand (beside the Dr and TA)
I think the TA was awsome
I think the grading was fair
In one sentence make a suggestion to make this course more exciting
Please write your comments. They are valuable to me..