ASE 362 - Islamic Architecture

Thank you for taking the class. This is a quick poll about it so I could always improve.

The purpose is to know which parts attracted you and which didn't .

It wont take 10 min.

The poll results are private
Please evaluate the following
I think the lectures were very interesting
I think the classes were interactive
I think the Workshop on Arabesque and Kufi were interesting
I like the Happy Face Idea
I could probably say I understood more than 90%
I could probably say I understood more than 80%
I could probably say I understood less than 70%
I didn't enjoy the lectures
I would like to learn more about Islamic Calligraphy
I didn't understand alot
I was bored sleep in the lecture
I enjoyed Jeopardy
I disliked the Dramatize This (Acting Contest)
I liked the activities and puzzles
I did not enjoy the live play of music after Jeopardy
I think the doctor was passionate about the course
I think the message of the course was clear -
I will easily forget this class
I consider myself an expert on Islamic Architecture
In one sentence make a suggestion to make this course more exciting
Please write your comments. They are valuable to me..