Dear interviewer
I am last year's bechelor degree student. I am currently writing my course paper  on "ATTITUDES OF SOCIETY TOWARDS THE INTEGRATION OF THE DISABLED" The results of the research will be summarized and presented on my course paper, your views are important, so I invite you to participate in the survey!
Thank you for your cooperation.

Please indicate your age
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Have you ever had a ......
If you were a disabled person, how much would you be able to integrate into social life?
0 minimum integration / 100 Maximum integration
Level of integration
Do you think healthy people understand disability correctly?
Do you think disabled people have the same rights as healthy people?
Do you think that people with disability
What kind of problems do you think disabled people encounter in their life? ( You can choose multiple answers )
Interactions with people with disability
Discrimination and Mistreatment toward people with disability
Contributions to society the people with disability
How do you get useful information about disabled people's integration into society?
How do you evaluate the work of institutions providing social assistance for the disabled in Turkey?
Future prospects of people with disability.
Can persons with disabilities develop positive attitudes towards community members regarding the integration of persons with disabilities?
Do you have any recommendations for making integration of people with disability better ?