Audience Research

I am a first year Media and Communication student at Birmingham City University. For one of my modules I am researching fashion fans as a media audience. The question of my study is “How have fashion fans responded to the Gucci Fall Winter 2018 fashion show?”. I am inviting you to become a participant in my research and answer these questions as honestly as possible. I am also kindly asking you to answer the open questions as broadly as you can as every bit is very important for the researcher. All answers will be kept entirely anonymous. This survey is for academic purposes only.

The poll results are private
What is your age?
Where have you born, grown up and where are you living now?
What does fashion mean to you?
How do you find out about fashion?
How do you engage with fashion? (occupation, personal style, reading, attending events, posting on social media, photography,…)
How would you describe your personal style?
How does your style reflect your personality?
What colour clothing do you usually wear?
Who/what is inspiring your style?
Where do you usually shop? (fast fashion, slow fashion boutiques, luxury brands, vintage shops, design and make yourself,…)
Are you familiar with the Gucci Fall Winter 2018 fashion show? If not, please carefully watch these two videos before carrying on answering:
What do you think about this fashion show?
What have caught your eye the most in terms of models, clothes, set, music, spectators? Why?
What do you think this show means? How would you interpret it?
How do you relate yourself with this show?
It is said that this is a Ready-To-Wear collection. Would you wear it yourself? If not, why?
Do you think the concept of fashion aesthetics is changing? How?
What do you think about fashion shows being not only about the clothes?