Brain-computer interface (BCI)

A few questions about BCI for games and for helping people with motor disabilities.

1. What is your gender?
2. How old are you?
3. Have you heard about the brain-computer interface (BCI) being used for playing games?
4. Have you heard about BCI being used to make it easier to live for people with physical disorder (e.g. moving wheelchair or spelling words on a pc screen)?
5. Do you think BCI will be used more often for games or for giving people with physical disorder a new way for interaction?
6. Do you think BCI can be precise enough to give a real chance for people with impaired motor abilities to communicate or restore movement?
7. Do you think it is not too difficult to keep focus and use your mind for a long period of time to use BCI?
8. Do you think it is worth to develop BCI for entertainment?
9. Do you think it is worth to develop BCI for giving people with physical disabilities a way for interaction?

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