Celebrity communication on Twitter


I am Akvilė Lūžaitė, a New Media Language student at the Kaunas University of Technology conducting research about celebrity communication. The aim of this survey is to gather information on how people perceive celebrity communication on social media with a focus on Twitter.

The information gathered will be utilized just for this study. Your identity will be kept private and you have the option to abandon the survey at any moment. At the end of the survey, you will be able to view the results. 

I would like to kindly ask you to complete this survey. Thank you for your time and cooperation!

What is your age?Required to answer
What is your gender?Required to answer
Where do you live?Required to answer
What kind of social media do you use?Required to answer
Do you follow any celebrities on social media?Required to answer
Have you heard of the American singer Cher?Required to answer
In 2010s, Cher’s Twitter account went viral for the humorous nature of her tweets. Do you follow Cher on Twitter?Required to answer
Do you think celebrities like Cher should speak out on world events and touchy topics?Required to answer
What do you think about this tweet?Required to answer
Do you prefer this tweet by Cher in comparison to the tweet in the previous question?Required to answer
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