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Chinese Character Simplification Affect on Society (for Hong Kong)

Hello everyone,
My name is Laura Buksnyte and I am from Lithuania. Currently I am a 4th year bachelor student at Vytautas Magnus University studying Cultures and Languages of East Asian Countries and I am writing my bachelor thesis. In order to fully understand the people's view on the simplification and what people now think about traditional and simplified Chinese characters, I would like to ask your help by filling in this questionnaire. 
The questionnaire is anonymous, the answers are only going to be used to varify or deny some myths about the subject.
Thank you for your time!

Your education
1. Do you know (understand) simplified Chinese characters?
2. Do you use Simplified Chinese Characters?
3. Do you know (understand) traditional Chinese characters?
4. Do you use traditional Chinese characters?
5. Do any of your parents know simplified Chinese characters
6. Do any of your parents use simplified Chinese characters?
7. Where do you usually use simplified characters?
8. Was it difficult or easy to learn simplified characters?
9. Do you think writing in simplified characters is more efficient or not?
10. What was the most difficult part of learning simplified characters? (multiple choice question)
11. Do you think it’s easy or hard to translate from traditional characters to simplified ones or vice versa?
12. Which fields would you say were most affected by the character simplification? (multiple choice question)
13. Do you use pinyin?
14. Do you think pinyin or traditional computer input system is more comfortable to use?
15. Are you educated on character simplification period’s history?
16. Are you pro-simplified or pro-traditional characters?
17. Do you agree or disagree that traditional characters have more cultural heritage than simplified ones?
18. Do you think it's necessary to know Traditional characters for traditional arts, like calligraphy?
19. Would you be supportive of the idea for Mainland China to return to traditional character system?
20. Do you think that it is necessary in modern times to know traditional Chinese characters?
21. When learning new words, did you ever get confused about similar looking words, e.g. 话活?
22. Have you ever misinterpreted a multiple meaning words (异体字 yitizi) on their meaning?
23. Would you approve or disapprove the idea of Chinese writing system change from characters to Latin alphabet?
24. Would you be supportive of the idea for Taiwan and Hong Kong to officially change their writing system into simplified character based system?

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