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Firstly, thank you for taking the time to complete the poll, any feedback is really helpful.

I am trying to start my own clothing line, I have a few designs set up and a few samples currently being made.

The name of the clothing line is 'WormPie' and the style is: punk geek (if that is a style =/ ) 

Please be honest in your answers so that I can make the best decisions with my startup.

Once i have finished compiling everything i will be making a Kickstarter page where if you see something you like you can donate on there. I'll be putting a reward in place where you can choose a T-shirt for £25, check Kickstarter in 2 weeks under MudPie and you should find it.


Thank you again!!! 

There are many more similar style pieces available. From what you have seen, would you consider pledging on Kickstarter to fund the project? For £25 you would choose an item as a reward.

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