Communication etiquette and features among young people in China

This questionnaire was made by Eva Plieniute – the 4th year bachelor’s student of East Asia cultures and languages studies in Vytautas Magnus University. The questionnaire answers will be used in bachelor work – ”Communication etiquette and features among young people in China in 20th – early 21st centuries“. The aim of this research is to analyze how young chinese people are communicating among family members, between friends or strangers, and what communication etiquette rules they are following. Thank you for your time in completing this questionnaire. 谢谢您的时间完成这一调查问卷。

1. Gender
8. Do you follow communication etiquette rules?
9. Do you address to people of different age differently?
21.Do you say compliments to your interlocutor while talking with him/her?
25. Do you use social networks?
27. Do you communicate in forums and group chats?
28. Do you use online dating sites?
29. Do you use mobile dating applications?
31. Do you use slang while communicating?

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