Computers and cell-phones

The impact of computers and cell phones on people health
Have you ever faced computer–related physical health problems-eye problems, back pain, sickness etc?
Which one should attract most attention. Which one is most harmful?
What is the best way to reduce this problem?
Have you ever done some special exercises to reduce computer – related sickness?
What was the result?
Do you know what 'e-thrombosis' is?
Have you ever heard about someone’s death after spending a lot of time at computer?
How do computer games affect children?
Do you believe it can seriously harm their personality?
Don't you think that computer games contain too much violence?
Scientists disagree about cell-phones impact on the human brain. Which side do you accept?
Have you heard that cell-phones may cause brain cancer?
Do you believe it?
Do you know what electromagnetic radiation is?

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