Consume Intentions on Purchasing Clothes Online

This is a poll for a research paper on "Consumer Intentions Towards Purchasing Clothes Online" .

I want to buy clothes online because of the ease of accessibility?

I like purchasing online because of the intelligent search engines helping in finding relevant information.

I can easily evaluate clothes and purchase them online due to detailed exhibition of their key aspects like images, sizing information, colors and offers.

Buying clothes online is beneficial due to its associated expediency in transacting with customers.

It is easier to return the clothes to ecommerce websites when I purchase online. In case of any defect, the websites have an easy return and refunds policy.

I find purchasing of clothes online from any manufacturer risky due to no secrecy for my credit card information.

I am unable to examine the actual products through touch, feel and senses.

Delivery of the online clothes can take more time than going to a shop and purchasing.

I consider online clothes shopping risky as compared to physical shopping.

The clothes that I see on the internet and the ones I receive do not look or feel the same.

Online clothes shopping cannot satisfy me emotionally due to lack of direct physical experience with the product.

I am able to get complete knowledge about the Clothes and brands through online surfing.

I rely on my experiences about the quality of clothes, manufacturer reviews and website reputation make an online purchase intentions and decision.

Online purchase of clothes helps me manage shopping agenda privately.

I feel happy when I purchase clothes online at discounted prices and have them delivered the next day.

Online mode of shopping allows me to interact socially with the retailers and inquire about the quality of fabric and manufacturing processes.

I prefer online shopping of clothing items primarily to satisfy my sense of gratification .

I prefer online clothes shopping due to their good competitive pricing information.

Purchasing clothes online helps me save time to go to a shopping center and pick out clothes.

I prefer purchasing clothes over the internet when I have a goal in my mind. For example, shopping for a special occasion.

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