Content marketing influence on entomophagy consumers loyalty

My name is Severija Chakimovienė, I study Master’s degree in Business Management at Klaipeda University. This survey is conducted to determine the impact of content marketing on consumer loyalty for edible insects. Your answers will help to evaluate the attitude, knowledge about edible insects and will provide insights of better ways for spreading information about edible insects and their benefits. The term used in the questionnaire - processed product - refers to a product that contains parts of insects but can not be seen or tasted. The questionnaire consists of 14 questions and duration of the whole survey is up to 15 minutes.

Your answers will remain strictly confidential and will only be used for this study.

Thank you for your help!

The poll results are private
1. How much time a day do you spend browsing the web?
2. What is the main purpose for browsing the web?
3. Please, rate online content:
Very dislikeVery like
Video content
Audio content
Author articles
Interviews with famous people
4. How did you learn about eating insects?
Completely disagreeRather disagreeNot sureRather agreeCompletely agree
From family, friends
From famous people
From social network
From television
From radio
From news websites
From articles in newspapers, magazines
From advertise
5. Have you ever eaten insects?
If the answer is No, please, go to question No. 11
6. What kind of product have you eaten?
7. Did you know what product features to expect (taste, texture, smell, etc.)?
8. You eat insects, because:
Completely disagreeRather disagreeNot sureRather agreeCompletely agree
Insects are nutritious
Insect farming is environmentally friendly
Insects are great meat substitute
Insects are delicious
I know how to cook them
9. Have you ever bought insects or products, that contained insects parts, after you tasted it?
10. You would buy insects if:
Completely disagreeRather disagreeNot sureRather agreeCompletely agree
They were distributed at more grocery stores
The price was lower
Products were processed
More insect species were offered
You new how to cook, prepare insects
Insects are disgusting, you will not buy
11. You have read, listened to or reviewd information about eating insects, so:
Completely disagreeRather disagreeNot sureRather agreeCompletely agree
You have learned about the nutritional value of insects
You have learned about the environmental friendliness of insects
You found out that a lot of people in other countries eat them
You learned about the wide variety of edible insects
You realize that eating insects is not disgusting
You learned where to buy edible insects
You want to buy and taste insects
You learned how to cook insects
You are going to recommend eating insects to friends, family, colleagues
12. Which statement most closely reflects you:
13. Your age:
14. Your gender: