Corruption in Lithuania (anglu kalba)

The article deals with fight against corruption in Baltic states. |Answers will be used for journalist purposes in an article which will be published in Finland. The answerer doesn't have to reveal his/her name.
0) Your age, sex and 'status' (student or profession..)
1) Is there corruption in Lithuanian society?
2) If there is corruption, in which areas/professions it is to be found ?
3) What does corruption include - giving money, giving material goods or something else?
Can you tell me some example(s) of corruption you have experienced yourself?
5) What things in society keep corruption alive?
6) What should be done in society to cut down corruption?
Who or what institution(s) should/could do that?
7) Is there more corruption now than a year ago (before EU time)?
8) Have you experienced corruption during the time when Lithuania has been a member of EU?
What kind of situations?
9) In which ways is corruption to be seen in the tourist industry?
10) Where to can you complain if you for example run into bribery?
Are the penalties of corruption efficient enough?