COVID-19 opinion poll - v3

This short poll is designed to determine what meaningful practices individuals are utilizing to cope during this unprecedented time. This survey also seeks to understand what concerns individuals have during this period. All responses are private, but pie charts showing survey results will be provided upon request.

Please note: choose only 3 per question. More than 3 responses may invalidate the results. 

Disclaimer: It is not intent of this survey/poll to steer respondents to adopt any behavioral changes, nor offer recommendations of what they should or should not do. It is completely neutral so inference to any partiality is unintentional. All information is confidential, but pie charts from the results are provided on request to [email protected]

The poll results are private
What are your 3 biggest concerns and frustration during this pandemic and social distancing time? Choose only 3. Free to add options.
How has this pandemic adversly affected you? Choose only 3 of your most important ones. Free to add options.
Do you have less or more free time during this period?
If you answered Less time or Same as Normal skip the next question.
How have you filled you time with things you wanted to do more of? Choose just three favorites. Free to add options.
Do not answer this question if you answered previous question with Less time or Same as normal.
How has your shopping and buying habits changed? Choose only 3. Free to add options.
What age group are you in?
Please enter your name and zip code, or either of the two.
What is your gender?
Thank you very much for your feedback, any further last minute thoughts?
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