Customer Attitude Toward Ecotourism in Bangladesh - copy - copy

Ecotourism means conserve the environment and wildlife and help  the local people 

How many times in a year do you travel?
How many times have you taken part in Ecotourism activities?
What kinds of activities have you involved in
Ecotourism is important
We must be accountable for conserving the tourist places
Ecological Awareness is necessary
Customer characteristics( age, income, gender, education) influence Ecotourism
Kindness toward mankind , animals and plants is much needed
Participation in major events( e.g. local cultural/ religious, roadshow, short films, volunteerism) can change customer attitude
Local people are careless/ ignorant regarding ecotourism
Government are careless regarding it
I like to inform local people and fellow tourists the way to conserve the tourist spots
I like to use local accommodation and restaurants
I buy local products when I pay a tour
I always try to know the local culture and cultural heritage
I always participate in the local cultural activities
The growing number of opportunities is in the risk due to climate change
I believe there is a growing number of opportunities of Ecotourism in Bangladesh

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